Magdalena Pelmus | BIO
Magdalena Pelmus (aka Magda Pelmus), visual artist and performer,was born in 1974, Constanta, Romania.
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“The thin boundary between life and death, human condition, superstitions and gender are the axes around which my creation revolves. My art is mostly an archive of the diversity of human emotions, a reflection on the human universe in it’s fragility, mapping the situations of anxiety and fragility.”

Magdalena Pelmus

Magdalena Pelmus (aka Magda Pelmus), visual artist and performer,was born in 1974, Constanta, Romania. She graduated in 1999 the “N.Grigorescu” Art University of Bucharest, the painting section and becomes co-founder in SURSA group in 1999 and Loading Open LAB – artist run space in 2006. She received the Union of Romanian Artists Bucharest, RO Scholarship for young artists in 2000 and the 1st prize in The Miniature Art Bienniale, Serbia, in 2018.
Her works can be found in private and state collections in the country and abroad:
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, RO;Luciano Benetton collection, Italy;European Investment Bank, Luxembourg; Art Museum, Dobrich, Bulgaria; Calina Gallery, Timisoara, RO; Carrefour des Arts, Normandy, France; M21,Langenlois, Austria; The Modern Gallery Cultural Center, Gornji Milanovac , Serbia.
She lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Selection of most recent personal exhibitions:


2017 Mechanics of Post-Apocalypse , Kulturama Gallery , Bucharest, RO;
2016 WAS Biennale/ Nothing to Communicate, one night event,Loading Open LAB/ Bucharest (RO)& online/Austria;
2015 Love Frames. Samples of Memory , Galateca Gallery , Bucharest,Ro/ event part of Museums Night; Glocal History 6 , performance live on Museums Night , Art Museum Brasov, Ro;
2014 The Unmeant Museum / Heroic. Accidental. Historic. Anguished., Galateca Gallery, parallel event on Bucharest Biennale 6 ,Bucharest, RO;
2013 Made in , Atelier 030202 Gallery, Bucharest, RO;
2010 Glocal History , live webcam performance , Museums Night, Loading Open LAB, Bucharest & Art Museum Brasov, RO

Bienialls & selected group exhibitions:


2018 The Miniature Art Biennale , The Modern Gallery of the Cultural Center, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia; Imago Mundi, Join the Dots – Connect the Distances, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italia;
2017 Art Encounters Biennale: In Large Lines / Sketchbooks, Balamuc, Timisoara, RO; Art Safari, Kretulescu Galleries, Bucharest, RO; CAF 1 / Contemporary Art Fair 1, Materia Repozitorium, Bucharest, RO;
2016 Nag retrospect / Memory leaks, Arcub Bucharest, RO; European Cuteness Art, Italian Cultural Institute, Bucharest, RO and Sofia Arsenal Contemporary Art Museum (MAC), BG; The Room 2 – There will be light, NAG event, Seabam Arthub, Bucharest, RO;
2015 EBienale III / Nostalgia, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, Ro; Art Safari, CICLOP, Bucharest, Romania;
2014 Snapshot Romania, Contemporary Artists from Romania, Treviso, Italy;
2009 Reink B.A.L.K.A.N. art, video, Skopje, Macedonia; Idyll, Atelier Gallery 030202, Bucharest, RO;
2012 We are the 00’s Made in Ro, interactive action at Night Museums, Brasov Art Museum, RO; Playground, video, NAG event, Studio Arte Gallery, Bucharest, RO;
2011 TACHES / TACHES, Saint Lo, Normandy, France ; Fur & Skin, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest, Ro;
2008 the 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Art Bucharest BB3 – Being Here. Mapping the Contemporary / Safe Mapping AKA They’re Watching! , Loading Open LAB event, live video projections from Canada and Romania on the street windows; 2nd Art Print Now Art Future Biennial. Present Time, “We Are The 00’s MADE IN RO” -Installation photo-video, Lithuania; Ninth Miniature International Biennial / “Panoramic XXL”, The Modern Gallery of the Cultural Center, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.

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