Magdalena Pelmus (aka Magda Pelmus), visual artist and performer,was born in 1974, Constanta, Romania.
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Warscapes aka The Warrior Evolution

Site specific installation in deserted wine-cave,Langenlois /M21, Austria
Magda(lena) Pelmus


2,5 millions of years ago, a new creature make its appearance in the African savannas. It was tall, it was walking on two legs and it has a well-developed brain-called Lucy the Australopithecus.
The ancestors of today’s warrior are: Homo habilis (skilful man) who knows how to make tools and weapons out of stone, Homo erectus (vertical man) who had discovered the fire and the Cro-Magnon people. Today’s warrior is looking like them (?!).
At the beginning there were few warriors. They were living in caves in small nomads groups with their families. The weapons- daggers, axes, arrows –made from stone, bone, were serving them to hunt and to defence themselves from the wild animals attack. They were walking almost naked and in winter they have covered themselves with fur from the hunted animals.
Thanks to agriculture, animal breeding and the discovery of fire, the warriors have started to feed themselves better and became stronger and much numerous. They started to build houses and to form villages. And then they have started to want more products and so it appeared the commerce. They have built bigger homes and some of them even fortified castles, they have made cities and divided territories in countries. And then they have elected leaders and started to fight for power and fertile territories good for agriculture and for the economy advance. The weapons evolution and diversification have started here: sharp daggers and swords made of iron, bows with arrows made of iron with poison on the sharp end of the arrow, tridents, maces, crossbows, helmets and armours for defence.




To win the fight they needed more inventions and so have appeared the war machines: breaking-machine for breaking the castles gates, catapults for throwing rocks and burning arrows, siege-towers –the fieriest war machine at that time.
As they became more educated and more intelligent, they have discovered the gun powder and so it begins a new era, the era of the modern warrior and „the fire arms”. These evolved from musket and pistols to fire machine guns, high-power gun, hand grenade and a lot of kinds of bombs as gas bombs, explosive bombs and the fieriest one, the atomic bomb.
In our times, they have made most of the discoveries and technological inventions, reaching the top development of the weapons industry and war techniques. War machines become more and more sophisticated and they can fight on land, water and in the sky and some even cannot be detected on radars …sort of invisible war machines. They invented war robots, some of them being controlled or programmed, to destroy the enemy, by great distance. They still work on the invention of an android called “Cyborg”, which will be a symbiotic between man and the machine, new war machinery but with a will of his own. In the future they want to clone the warriors so that they could multiply warriors when they need more and more.
They have sent out in space machines and satellites to spy between them and to control not only the other warriors and their families on Earth but the eventual galactic and intergalactic warriors – potential terrorists. They even invented” a button” which if they press, it’ll lead to the destruction of all the warriors and their families too (mankind).

Copyright © Magdalena Pelmus 2018