Magdalena Pelmus | GREY MAN FOR SALE 2008
Magdalena Pelmus (aka Magda Pelmus), visual artist and performer,was born in 1974, Constanta, Romania.
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Magdalena & Bogdan Pelmus


GMFS it’s an ironical project ,aiming to reveal social/cultural/political issues and the mentality differences ( North<>South<>East<>West) and the alienation of the modern man in the present society of consumption.
Or about loosing the oneness of the person in a social space who constantly creates patterns and about polluting the concept of zonal tradition encouraging the brand new global coordinates.
This action took part in a public place, a former window shop of Kenvello store in Bucharest center, being part of Atelier in Tranzitie – a tranzitory art studio.

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